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The House That Speaks for Itself!

An exquisitely carved wooden door, specked with embossed golden flowers and a nameplate bearing the name Yadava in gold letters, greets you when you reach Mr. Yugraj Singh Yadava’s apartment. This intricately carved wooden door stands as a preamble to the richness that lies beyond. Discovering Vibrant Interiors through a friend, Mr. Yadhava says that hiring them to style his home was one of the best decisions he made in his life. A lover of minimalism, he wanted his home to reflect his minimal yet rich lifestyle.


Sleek hallway goals!

The slender hallway, adorned with brown richness, leading to the living room is anything but basic. Slim matte finished cabinets that flank a bronze Ganesh is not only a welcoming sight but also extended storage space. The golden figurine on a glossy tabletop and elegant artwork on the wall give the hallway a sumptuous finish.


A league of furniture

The living room accommodates full-length windows for walls, and a wide range of furniture from upholstered sofas, glass-topped tables, and intricately carved cabinets. A room that’s perfect for bustling conversations becomes livelier with the curtains undrawn, giving inmates a perfect view of bright blue sky and the sea below. The décor is kept minimal yet intricate, with a few statuettes and busts that sits majestically atop the table and cabinet.


Grey masters!

A contemporary kitchen, with contrasting grey-white cabinets and a black glossy kitchen top, stands out in the brown-themed house. An oval glass-top dining table sits conveniently right outside the kitchen, making it aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time.


Bedroom with a view!

The bedrooms in the house are harmonized to have massive wardrobes with gold handles and a media space. Full-length windows of the living room are also incorporated in bedrooms. Nothing can beat waking up to a beautiful view, don’t you think?



“The house speaks, you know?” finishes proud Mr.Yadhava, looking at his home, styled by best interior designers in Chennai.


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