Terms and Conditions of Vibrant

Terms and Conditions provided by Vibrant Interiors describe the services set out to form the entire agreement between Vibrant Interiors and the Client.
Before obtaining the services, a person should read these terms and conditions carefully. It would be better to abide by the services when you make a contract with Vibrant Interiors.

  • Vibrant Interiors accepts payments in the following order. It must be 50% in advance and remaining after work completion.
  • Payments shall be made by bank transfer or cash or through cheque to Vibrant Interiors account.
  • The project price is purely based on the specifications noted in the quotation while drafting.
  • If a client requests changes or variations to be made during the contract, Vibrant Interiors will submit a quotation including such change or deviation. It will clearly indicate the effect on price and delivery which will be borne by the client.
  • Clients will be responsible for earning and giving all necessary licenses, and permissions for the work scope as prescribed in this price.
  • The client should not share Vibrant Interiors artworks or high-resolution pictures or creative designs without permission from the director. Also, Vibrant Interiors will not share any project design, finished project photo with other clients. This due to the confidentially of project privacy.
  • The charges for the services are set out in the Estimate accompanying these terms and conditions or as amended or updated by Vibrant Interiors and it will be communicated to the Client.
  • All payments should be made by cash or cheque with supporting guarantee card or bank transfer. They will be on due immediately upon presentation of invoice, except where the invoice is sent via post where payments shall be payable within 5 working days from the date of the invoice
  • A client will be liable for any costs incurred if there is any damage and they will have to abide debt recovery or legal proceedings.