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Space enhancing accessories for your kitchen

Does your kitchen resemble the Weasley’s kitchen at The Burrow (minus the magic) – lost in clutter? Well, we are not wizards and witches who can whip up dinner at the swish of a wand. But what we can do is introduce you to kitchen accessories, that will augment the space available to you.

So, here are some design hacks we have put together for you, that will create magic in your small kitchen.

Save space with a rolling cart



You can easily tuck away this rolling cart/nesting table into your kitchen cabinet when you are done in the kitchen. This stow-and-go solution can also serve as a bonus chopping table, and can also be wheeled around to provide extra prep area, during functions and get-togethers.

Build storage into your kitchen island


Open storage under this kitchen island allows for quick access. You can add creatively designed wicker baskets to corral essentials, for easy organization. You can consult interior designers in Chennai for modern kitchen islands.

Rehash your kitchen rails


Instead of adding one more cabinet that eats up valuable kitchen space, creatively install railings along the kitchen wall to hang your pots, pans and tools. What’s more is that it makes for a modern display of your tastefully curated cutleries.

Install a sliding pantry


Use up that last bit of space between your cabinets and doorway by installing a sliding pantry to stack your extra supplies, that you might not need on an everyday basis.

Use the top of your cabinets and fridge


If your cabinets are full, use the top of your cabinets or refrigerator to build shelving for storage and display.

Max out on peg holders


Peg holders not only add flexible storage space, but well-designed ones can also help you pack more into a small space by building storage into storage – storage inception of sorts. You can creatively organize your kitchen wares using this thrifty accessory.

If you are looking for a modular kitchen in Chennai, make sure your pick accommodates one or more of these cool and creative space enhancing accessories.


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