Main Picture – Sun Film


You adore your windows and the amazing light they bring into your home. Yet, as much as you appreciate the perspectives and regular light, you’re additionally mindful that daylight makes over the top warmth, blurs important decorations, and contains hurtful UV beams. Sun Control Window Films enable you to give the light access and keep the warmth and harm out. Best of everything you can get these awesome advantages without changing the presence of your home.


  • Rejects up to 78% Solar Energy
  • Huge saving in Electricity Bills up to 10%
  • Rejects 99% harmful Ultra Violet beams.
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Reduces the load on air -conditioner
  • Rejects up to 97% Infra Red
  • Shatter  Resistant
  • Additional Safety


The glare and heat of the sun getting through your glass windows can be extremely aggravating on occasion. But now, you can put a full stop by putting frosted window films. With the glare being shut out by these frosted films, you would now be able to appreciate the excellent view of your garden and lawn area.

It also eliminates the feeling of interruption that exists in settings where buildings are close to each another and it is possible to look from one flat to another condo situated in a neighboring building.