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As one of the best Home Interior Designers in Chennai, we believe in long term design value, which we achieve by selecting quality pieces and through timeless design. 

Vibrant Interiors offers outstanding services and solutions with various designs that can match the requirements of your taste. You can evolve your place with insights by bringing together people, color, and products that make your living peaceful. You have the privilege to decide and you’ll be offered first-class interiors and home decor which enriches your surroundings.

  • Modular Kitchen
    Vibrant Homes apart from manufacturing its own modular kitchens, also have a tie-up with world-class modular kitchen brands, to deliver well-designed kitchens to the customer with the promise of a happy and hassle-free kitchen experience.
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  • Wardrobes
    Vibrant’s wardrobes are made in an ideal way to fit your house without hassle. Don’t waver your thoughts after choosing Vibrant, as we possess various sizes and ranges to enhance the beauty of your place. Cherishing families chooses the best wardrobes to emboss their beauty, and we are proud of it.
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  • False ceiling
    Concrete ceiling is vernacular among individuals. Yet, the false ceiling is a name that has redefined the concept of interior designing. Due to adaptable nature and various important features, the false ceiling is an indispensable feature for every residential home.
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  • House Building & Renovation
    Vibrant Interiors has a loyal team of professionals who are expert in designing homes for the clients. We are expert in implementing the guidelines provided by the development authorities for building homes.
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  • Kitchen Renovation
    We at Vibrant Interiors are proficient at renovating any kitchen. We take care of everything, from design to manufacturing to installation. We also provide AMC for 10 years with warranty.
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  • Structural Consulting
    Vibrant has an experienced team of structural engineers who have more than three decades of experience and have carried out a structural design for more than 100 residential and commercial buildings.
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  • Pest Control
    Pest control is better thought of as pest prevention. We at Vibrant have ways not only to treat termite infestation but to prevent it as well.
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  • Facilities Management
    Our team offers facility management services which include comprehensive and integrated services like housekeeping includes cleaning, shampooing of upholstery, steaming of blinds/curtains, the airing of the closed premises, periodical attention to mattresses, etc.
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  • Safety & Surveillance
    Keeping in mind of owner’s safety, Vibrant offers the state-of-the-art home security facilities to ensure that owners can live a hassle-free, comfortable and peaceful life.
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  • Sun Control & Frosted Film
    You adore your windows and the amazing light they bring into your home. Yet, as much as you appreciate the perspectives and regular light, you're additionally mindful that daylight makes over the top warmth, blurs important decorations, and contains hurtful UV beams.
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  • Wall Mural & Wallpaper
    A wall mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surfaces like doors, wardrobes etc. A wall mural can be painted by brush or spray painted called graffiti.
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  • UPVC Windows & Fabrication Work
    Vibrant specializes in design, installation, and service of precision-engineered, 100% customized UPVC windows and doors of reputed brands like Fenesta, Wintech.
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  • Flooring
    Flooring adds constant and resonating beauty to your place. In the recent past, flooring has emerged as the main ingredient for portraying a beautiful outlook.
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  • Soft Furnishing
    Vibrant offers you an exclusive variety of beautiful wooden and teak furniture of elite quality. Our personnel are skilled technicians and have nailed the furniture to perfection. We use natural oil which keep termites and other pests away from the products.
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  • Vanity Cabinets
    Add a little bit of elegance to your bathroom by upgrading your regular wash-basin with a sophisticated and stylish one with storage space from us at Vibrant Interiors.
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  • Bathroom Wellness Zones
    Bathrooms are getting better attention in recent times than any other room and are turning into experimental wellness zones. We at Vibrant Interior designed neatly crafted bathrooms that suit your needs.
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  • Pooja Units & Study Tables
    Vibrant Interiors produces Pooja units with woods such as teak wood, rosewood, and solid wood. To suit your preferences, they can be customized.
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  • Crockery Units
    Vibrant Designs first-class kitchen crockery units that fit every place without hassle.
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  • Shoe Racks
    With a cozy lifestyle adorning every household, shoe racks are not to be missed out and they are one among them. They come in a range of sizes and it can be made to the requirement needed by the clients.
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  • Television Units
    We at Vibrant Interiors design neatly crafted television units which make a perfect centerpiece that suits any living room.
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  • Doors & Traditional Teak Furniture
    Vibrant offers you an exclusive variety of beautiful wooden and teak furniture of elite quality. Our personnel are skilled technicians and have nailed the furniture to perfection. We use natural oil which keep termites and other pests away from the products.
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  • Solid wood furniture
    We provide unique solid wood furniture, which fills your place with positive ambiance. Our solid wood furniture is well designed with extraordinary finish and quality.
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  • Beds with Side Tables
    Vibrant Interiors produces contemporary bedside tables at affordable prices with a variety of design.  Enrich your bedroom with a realm of comfort.
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  • Sofa
    The living room is where a family spend the most time with each other. The sofa is the crucial part of a room - you entertain, relax, watch your favourite shows, and a lot more sitting on this modest piece of furniture. It takes a variety of shapes and styles, and is used for a variety of purposes. Salute to the humble sofa that ties your living room together!
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Beds with Side Tables


Solid Wood Furniture

solid furniture

Doors & Traditional Teak Furniture


Television Units

tv units

Pooja Units

pooja unit

Crockery Units


Shoe Rack

shoe rack

Bath Room

Bath Room Wellness Zones

wellness zones

Vanity Cabinets

vanity cabinet


False Ceiling

false ceiling

Soft Furnishing

soft furnishings

Wall Paper & Murals






Security Camera

Sun Control & Frosted Film

sun control film

Fabrication Work & UPVC Windows


Individual House

House Building & Renovation


Structural & Architectural Consulting

structural consulting


Facilities Management

facilities management

Pest Control


Vibrant Interiors is one of the few niche Home Interior Designers in Chennai and Modular Kitchen in Chennai that is with you from start to finish of a project. We are strong proponents of intelligent design that is both practical and functional. A home is a continuously growing and evolving space, and we wish to be part of that process for our clients. Once a project is complete, we continue to extend our services by way of warranties and maintenance support – we believe this is what sets us apart and makes us one of the best Interior designers in Chennai.

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