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Niraj Ganeriwal – Finding joy in his dream home

As we embark on a tour of Mr. Niraj Ganeriwal’s home, here is what he has to say about us. “We have recommended Vibrant to 10-12 of our neighbours and friends. And we have only received positive feedback from every one of them.

If I have to sum up our Vibrant experience, I would say that they are very supportive, cost-effective, and quality conscious.”

A beautifully carved wooden ceiling panel welcomes us as we step into Niraj Ganeriwal’s residence. For Niraj, who has been in Chennai for 40 years, it’s been a longstanding aspiration to build his family’s dream home. And, he is more than happy to have collaborated with Vibrant, the Best Interior Designers in Chennai, for a goal so personal and lasting.

Niraj wanted a home that was unique…a home where one could see and appreciate the beauty in the little things. This theme is evident in the patterned wall paneling, while the solid blue sofa beautifully ties together the geometric lines across the other surfaces. With a sleek and minimal TV station, the room is opened up to more movement, and provides the perfect spot for entertainment, and hearty conversations.


As someone with a strong sense of family ties, Mr. Ganeriwal was insistent on creating a distinct space for every family activity. As we continue on the tour, our eyes can’t help but drift to the intricate room divider which separates the living room from the dining space – a simple, traditional way to create two functional spaces from one. With elegant designs such as this, space is no longer a constraint for them. 

“What we like about Vibrant is that they pay attention to the small details,” says Mr. Ganeriwal.


The Vibrant team carefully created an aesthetic that captures the tastes of the family. From the refreshingly new designs on the pooja room door, to the hidden headboard lights in the bedroom, little, pleasant surprises await and delight us at every twist and turn. 

Mr. Ganeriwal recounts that the Interior Decorators in Chennai helped mold his vision of a modern home that pays homage to its roots. For instance, the dining table is inlaid with a statement art piece that stirs interesting conversations, breaking the monotony of the space. Yet, the rustic aesthetic suggests a sense of groundedness. With creative improvisations and detailing, the team transformed boring spaces, and furniture, into objects that evoke curiosity and tell stories.

As we finish the tour of the Ganeriwal Residence, here’s what the patriarch has to say, “They understand our taste and work hard, accommodating numerous iterations to achieve the vision we set out with. There’s simply no looking back. Vibrant Interiors are the best I have seen.”


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