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False Ceiling Designs For Every Room

If you are looking for a way to fix up your room and give it some of that shining personality of yours, getting creative with false ceilings can be an interesting and unusual way to accomplish that.

Decorative Molding


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Regal and feminine in its aesthetics, this decorative molding with floral designs and artfully placed lighting enhance the artistic appeal of the room.

Geometric Wood Panels


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This geometric ceiling sets apart the dining area from the rest of the room. The smooth wood panels and subtle light fixtures go with the natural look and feel of the room. Both modern and organic, it puts the emphasis back on our symbiotic relationship with nature. Get tasteful wooden paneled ceilings like this for your home with one of the best interior designers in Chennai.

Vaulted Ceiling


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The unusual, yet artful use of wood planks in this warm and cozy bedroom creates the visual effect of a vaulted ceiling. The vaulted design elevates the ceiling and makes the room look airy, large, and romantic with a sprinkle of old world charm.

Papered Ceiling


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The whimsical, vivid and vibrant pop of color in this dining hall ceiling enlivens everything and everyone around.  The black and white floral pattern with colourful butterflies casts an Alice-in-Wonderland-like magical spell, drawing us in and leaving us bewitched.

Just Paint


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you are not a stickler for wallpapers, just get your ceiling painted with a dash of brilliance like this one here. The smooth splatter of exquisite and elegant turquoise blue makes this room speak for itself.

Coffered Ceiling


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

There is nothing like a coffered design to add depth and character to your ceiling. Coffers can also be used to demarcate and highlight sections of a room. You can choose different geometric patterns, colours, or other ornate flourishes for the sunken panels.

Lit AF


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Light up your ceiling with LED lights and have it compete with the night sky for the top spot. Build your own version of Van Gogh’s starry night. This will especially be a hit with smaller children.


Before you begin changing your ceiling decor, it is wise to consider other structural changes you’d want to make, such as lighting, electricals, wall decor, and other hangings. Installing a false ceiling might also be a way to conceal these modifications, and give your room a fresh lease of life. If you want to install one of these cool false ceiling designs in your home, reach out to Interior decorators in Chennai now!


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