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‘Vibrant Controls’ is a unique company initiated exclusively to provide specialized ventilation products and services for residential and commercial projects which enable clients to enjoy a healthier, safer and cost-effective internal built environment.

Ventilation systems are designed to facilitate the safe escape of occupants in the event of a fire and to enable the fire to be fought in its early stages.


The National Crime Records Bureau of India, Data indicates that a total of 113961 people lost their lives due to Fire Accidents from 2010 to 2014. This is an average of 62 deaths a day.


Fire costs money. The cost as a consequence of fire, including human casualties, property damage & lost business was estimated at ₹8000 crores. If a fire does occur then occupants must be protected.

Why Smoke Control Systems?

Smoke control systems are created to block smaller fires turning into the bigger ones, as once there is an expansive fire, any smoke control framework will, for the most part, be overpowered. Smoke control systems are put up to provide assistance with the beginning times and in this manner to lessen the danger of this.

Statistics demonstrate that if there is a fire, it is smoke and not fire which is the biggest contributor to deaths and injuries. More than 60% of deaths are specifically due to being overwhelmed by gas or smoke. It isn’t important to be near a fire to be affected. The statistics for injuries take a comparable pattern: around 60% of injuries are because of the inhalation of smoke. This implies if smoke is controlled, this will have a vast impact on deaths and injuries, and in addition secure the building.

Generally, if smoke can be kept above the firefighter’s heads, at that point they can carry out their activity better: they can get in and see where the fire is and battle it all the more viable.

Another advantage of smoke control systems is that stock and hardware can be secured and the danger of loss of the building (maybe because of rooftop collapse) can be reduced.

Building on Fire

Vibrant Controls is passionate about delivering energy efficient buildings with productive, healthy indoor environments; occupant productivity is significantly improved when thermal comfort and indoor air quality are optimised. Vibrant offers turnkey solution incorporates design, supply, installation and commissioning through to maintenance.

Smoke Ventilation

Fire Fighters

Natural Smoke ventilation utilizes the inborn lightness of hot smoke to transcend escape courses in this manner leaving the tenants with a better way of making a protected escape.

By presenting programmed vents at an elevated level the smoke is permitted to run away to the climate.

Programmed opening vents/windows at low level keep up the smoke supply at a safe level above head height to increase occupant’s visibility amid escape.

Window Automation

An actuator is a gadget which empowers a window to be opened and closed naturally or by a rotating handle. The equipment fits onto the window which pushes and pulls the window open and closed instead of opening the window physically. Window automation is used predominately for the purpose of regular ventilation and smoke ventilation. It may be advantageous to use the windows to provide additional fresh air to supplement an existing heating and cooling strategy.

Control of the windows can convey an ease arrangement. It is very advantageous to design window automation in at concept stage either as a full-blown natural ventilation system or as a hybrid mixed mode solution. Either way using automated windows brings huge cost savings for the running costs and therefore a lower carbon footprint.

Window Automation

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation enhances indoor conditions, decreases CO2 discharges and is very economical. Versatile common ventilation frameworks are less exorbitant than conventional HVAC frameworks, being less expensive to introduce, run and keep up. With modern buildings absorbing half of all commercial usage, producing 50% of worldwide carbon outflows, versatile normal ventilation is driving the path to a sustainable future.

Natural Ventilation
natural ventilation

Preventive Maintenance

Smoke ventilation Systems are life protecting systems and it is very important that regular maintenance is done to the required measures by equipped and trained workforce, who knows about the specification and methodology for the particular application.

  • Frequent precautionary upkeep can increase the life of these important life-saving systems
  • Frequent systematic precautionary upkeep guarantees that any deficiency is found before an accident emerges.

‘Vibrant Controls’ offers all the required maintenance services and AMC needed to increase the life of these life-saving systems.

preventive maintenance

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