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HDHMR – The greener, safer, upgraded plywood

Raksha Saravanan

Climate change is upon us. While the sea levels continue to rise, and the CO2 concentration increases, there is a silver lining in the form of global agreements between nations to do their bit. However, true change begins when we ensure our collective habitat is life affirming. 

As a brand that is invested in creating and enabling lifestyles, we have the opportunity to implement positive and sustainable practices. We always present our customers with eco-friendly options. Here is one such option that tops our list of recommendations – HDHMR. It is one of those rare materials that are economical, yet sustainable.

High Density High Moisture Resistance is upgraded plywood that offers greater durability. No trees are felled to produce HDHMR wood as it is entirely made from forest wood waste, agricultural waste, fiber chips, and peeled eucalyptus trunk. The wooden and fiber chips are combined through a homogenous construction process, and pressed together using a special glue pressing technique to form high density hardwood. To know more, get in touch with Home Interior Designers in Chennai.

The process gives HDHMR its unique advantages in comparison to plywood. The tightly bound bonds in HDHMR yield water resistance and keep it termite free. This makes it suitable for moisture prone spaces in the home such as kitchen and bathroom shutters, and outdoor fixtures, where plywood would begin to peel off in layers. It’s also a great material to use in tropical climates such as ours. 

Made in accordance with ISI standards, this durable material is also flexible, meaning fewer compromises on design ideologies. It has a smooth finish and glossy luster that add an aesthetic appeal. 

As the climate crisis begins to disrupt lives world over, the onus is on each and every one of us, as individuals and institutions, to educate, and promote sustainable practices in our everyday lives.

If we have managed to ignite your curiosity on the topic of sustainability, reach out to the Best Interior Designers in Chennai to know more and adapt a greener lifestyle.

Different types of kitchen flooring

Raksha Saravanan

The kitchen is a center of activity where everything from slicing, dicing, stirring, boiling, steaming, and a lot more, takes place. We often spend long hours in the kitchen playing master chef or entertaining friends and family over parties. Such a hotspot in the home should be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear from heavy foot traffic, not to mention spills and scars from cooking misadventures. That said, you don’t have to forgo style for function when it comes to choosing the best flooring for your kitchen.

Here are a few comfortable, resilient, and stylish kitchen flooring options that offer the best of both worlds.

Bamboo flooring

As one of the eco-friendly options in flooring, bamboo is also known for its comfort and durability. It is water and stain-resistant, and therefore easy to maintain. 

Bamboo primarily comes in shades of blonde and caramel, with opaque or translucent stains, lending a trendy cool look to your kitchen with a touch of elegance. The only drawback is that your bamboo flooring may be prone to scratches. And without a perfectly smooth subfloor, it can show imperfections in the surface.

Vinyl Flooring

If your budget is limited, sheet vinyl flooring is your best bet. It is a versatile and easy-to-install kitchen flooring solution that can have a shelf-life of 10-20 years. Soft and resilient, it gives off the look of hardwood or ceramic flooring, while costing much less. If you live in a cold place, you may prefer vinyl flooring for the warmth it offers.

Reach out to Interior Designers in Chennai to install vinyl kitchen flooring that complements the aesthetic of your home.

Tile flooring

One of the sturdiest kitchen flooring solutions, tiles can withstand just about anything from spills to heavy objects falling. It is not only low maintenance but extremely suitable for small spaces as its reflective surface can make any room look larger than it really is. Tiles come in three primary types: porcelain, ceramic, and stone. Of the three types, porcelain and ceramic are widely used, but the stone has a great aesthetic appeal though it falls on the pricier side.

The downside is that it can be hard on the heels if you are someone who spends long periods in the kitchen. But, a soft rug or floor mat can give you the comfort quotient.

Concrete flooring

If you want your kitchen to rock the contemporary look, it is time to consider concrete. This versatile material can be stained, polished and stenciled to offer a variety of finishes. While it is strong and damage resistant, it shares the same drawback as tile, for its hard and cold surface.

It is also one of the more inexpensive flooring solutions with a long shelf life.

Hardwood flooring

This timeless classic incorporates natural and rustic charm in the kitchen space. It also has a high-end look that is easy to play with. With hardwood floors, makeovers are simpler needing just a stain, or a coat of paint.

Although it is considered unsuitable for spaces prone to moisture, modern finishes have made it more durable. It is one of those things that age well and grows in character with each scar of time.

If you want to implement a flooring solution that works just right for your kitchen while balancing style and function, reach out to the Best Interior Designers in Chennai for their nuggets of design wisdom.

10 dreamy bedrooms that will put you in awe

Raksha Saravanan

Imagine being able to enjoy the charm, luxury, and comfort of sleeping in a 5-star hotel room, right at home! Take a leaf from this curated list of dreamy bedrooms to design one that looks straight out of a magazine.your home.


The subtle diffusion of patterns and colours offset the white in this master bedroom. Our eyes are first drawn to the regal four poster canopy bed and the end-of-bed seating area. While the grey carpet, the runner, pillows, and the nightstand indulge in a winsome play of colours, and the pink vase adds some much needed contrast.  

The bedroom in the attic

In this attic bedroom, the wooden stairs and the light brown wooden bed frame add a rich earthy tone. Sunlight and green potted plants add to the natural aesthetic of the space. The wardrobes and storage seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality to give you a chic and contemporary space. 

Whimsical wonderland

Children’s bedrooms should be wide open to imagination and wonder. This colorful bedroom with zigzag patterned carpet, and the quirky wicker basket, to the wall art, and the exploding pendant create a playful yet adaptive look.  

Small but big

In this compact bedroom, an illusion of space has been created with open frame doors, and the copper accent wall add a grandiose feel. The metallic wall mounted shelves and floating cabinets are perfect for paintings or planters. Raise the bed and install a few shelves for some much needed storage.

Coral and comforting

The soft shades of pastel speckled through the room spell comfort and relaxation. Warm, light, and airy, with checkered patterns, and smooth wooden flooring, everything about this room calms you down.


When in doubt, stick to the classics. This spacious bedroom with a gold framed four-poster bed and velvet duvet is everything that says high-end. The use of the iconic rosey pink walls, elaborate chandelier and gold painted nightstands gives it a retro feel.

Rustic red

This bedroom has balanced out the rich red patterned rug with muted walls and pastel bedding. Wooden lamps and picture frames by the bedside add a unique character and warmth to the room that is enhanced by sunlight. 

Bohemian dreams

In this bohemian paradise, the mustard ties in the shades of brown, while the splash of green adds a stroke of freshness. The artful use of wooden accessories such as the ladder, coupled with unique and quirky accessories make this room unique and endearing.

Bedroom with a view

With a look that is straight out of a 90s movie, this simple, and down to earth bedroom packs ample light, fresh air, and a view of nature. The dark toned walls are perfect for a good night’s sleep. Do you have a room with a view? Our team of Home Interior Designers in Chennai will transform the space for you.

Dream catcher

An array of accessories double up as decor in this fun canopied children’s room. When bedtime stories fail, the calming tones of pastel can put any tiny tot to bed. The comfy rug with its spirals adds to the sense of wonder of the space.

If you want to implement one of these dreamy bedroom ideas in your home, reach out to the Best Interior Designers in Chennai

Maintain your leather, make it timeless

Raksha Saravanan

Traditional or contemporary, whatever style you wish to emulate, making a leather addition to your home will give your space the luxurious twist that it needs. It is what you need to make your living room both classy and cozy. The durability is all the more reason to include a statement leather piece to your collection.

Like a fine wine, leather blossoms with time. Here are some tips to help maintain your leather furniture.

Position your couch away from direct sunlight, air conditioning, or radiators

Direct and constant exposure to these elements can cause the moisture and oils in leather to evaporate slowly, ultimately leading to dryness and cracks. Also, the colour is likely to fade and might require frequent re-dyeing. Assess the layout of your room and position your furniture away from harm’s (r)ay.

But, what if you have no other choice but to position your precious under these conditions? Here are some solutions that might help!

  • Give it a regular turn

Rotating your furniture on a regular basis causes the fading to occur in stages, fostering an even, but beautiful discoloration. Turning seat cushions regularly also prevents indentations in particular spots (admit it, there’s a Dr. Sheldon Cooper in every house who never sits anywhere but on his spot!) and ensures even usage.

  • Tint or blind your windows

Tinting your windows reduces the amount of sunlight entering your home. If that’s too much of a commitment for you, then opt for window blinds that match the style of your interiors.

Let it breathe

Yes, you read that right – your leather breaths. We understand that you’d want to protect your expensive furnishings with your life. But, wrapping it up with plastic will do no help. Plastic tarps suffocate your leather. Use a soft fabric throw instead.

Clean the furniture regularly

Leather furniture is the easiest to clean as compared to other fabrics. Brush off dust with a clean and dry microfiber cloth, vacuum in crevices every couple of weeks and you are good to go! Make sure your vacuum has a soft brush attachment.

Blot away!

Leather furniture and binge-watching sessions are a match made in heaven. You are likely to spill your favourite drink when a scary face pops on the screen!

For liquid spills, blot it quickly with a dry cloth. Do not wipe, as it will make the stain bigger. And then, wipe the stained spot with a cloth dampened in distilled water and leave it to dry naturally.

For oil-based spills like butter and body oil, blot it gently with a dry cloth. Do not use water to wipe stains. The stain will dissipate into the leather in no time! Remember, the mantra is to blot, and not wipe.

Say NO to harsh chemicals

If the stain persists, using a mild cleaner is your best bet. The gentler it is, the better the treatment! Apply a small amount to a damp cloth and work your lather in gentle circular motions. Do not rinse, but use a dry cloth to absorb any leftover moisture. Test the cleaner in an inconspicuous spot to make sure that there are no side effects, before using it on the stain.

Call in The Leather Doctors

If the stain still persists, it may be time to call in the professionals. They always know what they are doing, and can get rid of the toughest stains.

There, now that you know how to maintain leather your furniture, shop your heart out and give your space a timeless twist!

5 reasons to hire an interior designer

Raksha Saravanan

Most of us think that it’s easier to handle decor than to deal with interior designers. But professionals only serve to make our lives simpler. What’s more? They bring a degree of expertise to the table that you simply cannot find in your coffee table magazines. Here’s what you need to know about hiring an interior designer today!

An interior designer lets you off the hook from multi-tasking

With so many people (your family) using the same spaces you do, there’s bound to be an avalanche of requests or a clash of ideas. You could hunt for furniture, and struggle with multiple trips to the light store. Or, you could make staying in vogue a simpler exercise.

Hiring an interior designer saves you from the trouble of multi-tasking. You can now sit back and watch as your carpets, walls, and ornaments come together like magic before your very eyes.

A route to proper planning and budgeting

To err is human, but it’s less expensive when you have a well established interior designer on your side. With far-reaching connections across architects, vendors, and contractors, they have access to the trifecta. The right person can get you exclusive, insider-access to discounts that aren’t even available to the public! Interior designers are also great at helping you cinch those purse strings tight so you don’t exceed your budget. You can now have a dream modular kitchens in Chennai, that falls within your budget!

Trained eyes and a trained sense

Their impeccable ability to distinguish great quality from subpar materials is amassed over years of experience. A professional assessment of the space and superior knowledge of the home is also crucial to determining the types of material to be used. For example, with younger children around, you may not want to bet a top dollar on keeping a white suede couch spotless. In this regard, interior designers excel.

It’s not just the looks!

A space that pleases the eye but has zero functionality is as good as living in a dollhouse. Interior designing is not just about matching wallpapers and carpets. It is about creating a space that is visually pleasing and highly functional at the same time – a feat that interior designers specialize in.

Increases the value of the space

Having a professional do up your space can rocket your home to the top of the classifieds when you put it on the market. While the location and age of a building can determine the price of the listing, great interiors can help sell faster. Who wouldn’t want to move into a fully equipped home? Get in touch with interior decorators in Chennai, to get an ace market value for your space.

Hire the best interior designers in chennai now, to make your dream space less of a house and more of a home. Let your home tell the story of who you are!


Tidying your home the Marie Kondo way

Raksha Saravanan

Japan…it’s not just Sushi and Anime anymore. Marie Kondo’s now universal technique of Japanese organization has definitely changed a thing or two about the way people look at clutter and organisation. This elaborate method requires you to view tidying as a special and emotional task, and not as just another chore in your list of things to do.

9 Serene Pooja Room Designs

Raksha Saravanan

It helps to have a space in your home that is calm, peaceful, and away from the bustle of everyday routine. For many, this space tends to be the pooja room or the sacred altar that never fails to engulf them in an aura of peace.

Why terrazzo is the new marble

Raksha Saravanan

Guess what. Terrazzo of the 60s and 80s is back in vogue. And this time, in style and splendor, usurping marble, the erstwhile emblem of luxury, from its seat of popularity.

Small bathroom, big ideas!

Raksha Saravanan

According to décor experts, if you can squeeze in an extra bathroom, no matter how small, you should not think twice! Just because the powder room is small, doesn’t mean you can’t go big on style. With clever use of space, you can maximize utility without compromising on your design sensibilities. Don’t throw in the towel just yet! Read on to know more.

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