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How to design your kitchen right

Raksha Saravanan

The Swiggy and Zomato bound millennials may disagree, but a home cannot really do without a well-functioning kitchen. It is a space where a lot goes on, and consequently, some details can be easily lost in the mix. Which is why it is important to make sure you don’t make some of the common kitchen design mistakes. Here’s a quick guidebook to help you course correct.

Mind the kitchen triangle

Bad workflow can have you scurrying around, from one end of the space to the other to reach for groceries, wash vegetables, or access storage for spices. Respecting the kitchen triangle – sink, refrigerator, and stove, eliminates this problem.



The sink should ideally be close to both the countertop, and the fridge. Pots and pans are best stored close to the sink or the dishwasher, while supplies belong by the countertop. 

Backsplash is a must

The backsplash is surprisingly overlooked in kitchen designs, with some only considering it for aesthetic appeal. Although it may drive up your initial costs, cooking stains and greases will most definitely call for a redo of the wall paint or wallpaper from time to time if you decide against a backsplash, cutting a hole in your pocket.  

Courtesy: Pinterest

From metal sheets and tiles, to granite and natural stone, there are a variety of gorgeous materials in the market to choose from. Get in touch with Interior Designers in Chennai to install a backsplash that is as artistic as it is functional.

Let there be light and air

Improper ventilation is the downfall of all kitchens. A well ventilated space has a suitable chimney, and at least two windows that facilitate circulation. This also allows for natural lighting.

When it comes to lighting, it is important to balance ambient lighting with task and accent lights to minimize accidents. While ambient and accent lights bring aesthetics and style, task lights are essential in areas such as islands and countertops.

Optimize storage

Courtesy: Pinterest

Wall spaces are valuable storage avenues, especially in a small kitchen. Maximize options by installing cabinets up to the ceiling. If closed cabinets make you feel claustrophobic, you could go for open shelving. But it is important to make sure they don’t get in the way of functionality. Minimum clearance rule should be adhered to as you might not want cupboards and drawers slamming into one another.

Plan and measure everything

Kitchen design requires a keen eye. For instance, you need to measure your appliances, chimney placement, and electrical sockets to design an accommodating and adequately spacious countertop. Otherwise, you are in for a lot of commotion not unlike Indian roads. Strategy is key.

So, is your kitchen clear off these common mistakes? Why not consult the Best Interior Designers in Chennai to get yours done prim and proper?

Trends for a Pinterest worthy home

Raksha Saravanan

In a survey conducted by The Real Estate Conversation, 76% respondents considered the style of their home to be an important factor in determining their happiness. If you are someone who is style-conscious, looking to make a statement with your home, this guidebook is for you.

What is milk paint and why is it all the rage now?

Raksha Saravanan

Undertaking a painting project is an exciting time, when you can reimagine your home in a dozen different ways. With so many materials and artistic elements flooding the market, we’re sure you’ll come across milk paint at your dealer’s, design magazines, or even social media sources. 

What’s the best fabric for your sofa?

Raksha Saravanan

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the furniture for your home. From ensuring the aesthetics of your living room aren’t disrupted, to finding the fabric that works for everyone in the house, here are some tips that can help you decide.

Weatherproofing your sofa

What kind of upholstery should your patio furniture have? Will the leather sofa in the living room fade over time if you don’t draw the blinds to keep the sun away? Do you have kids and pets around, and therefore require waterproof fabric for your sofa?

Fortunately, there is a ‘right’ answer to each of these questions. For example, acrylic, woven polyester, and olefin, are durable fabrics with UV resistance, making for great outdoor application. These synthetic materials don’t break down easily and can survive harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, if you have a leather lounge chair to introduce a touch of class to your living room, you will have to keep the blinds drawn, or alternatively position the couch away from direct sunlight. And finally, in the case of saving your furniture from rowdy kids and pets, leather is your friend. Not suede, silk, or velvet.

How much wear and tear should you expect?

The fabric of your couch is as much a factor of wear and tear as the volume of daily interaction it has with the human species. Will your sofa sit in your private study, or is it going to be the center piece for raving parties, play dates and whatnot?

Pricey textured weaves of wool, chenille, or velvet work if you don’t expect a lot of wear and tear.  Otherwise, you want to go for durable polyester blends, corduroy, or microfibers, all of which are far less demanding than the former luxurious picks.

If the choices overwhelm you, let the experts and the best interior designers in Chennai lead the way.

High maintenance, or not.

The tighter the weave of the fabric, the sturdier the furniture, and the easier it will be to maintain your sofa. Textured cotton may be a great looker, but fabrics such as leather and microfiber are simpler to clean.

Open weaves such as tweed and corduroy are hard to maintain, especially when you have a large family. As are delicate fabrics such as silk and velvet, because, well they are delicate…and call for professional cleaners.

However, that’s not to say one is a cut above the other. It all comes down to the amount of work you’re willing to put into keeping a sofa clean.

For the ones with deep pockets and not so deep pockets

If you are willing to shell out big bucks, high quality leather is just what you are looking for. It is not only durable, but can also be cleaned easily. As an added bonus, it gets more comfy with time. It’s really quite perfect for homes with pets and children.

On the other hand, if you want to make an economically sound choice, microfibers, or cotton and polyester blends, are your knights in shining armor. The polyester component also adds durability.

What about the color?

That depends. Are you desperate to stand out or fit in? A bold colour can leave guests with a twinkle in their eyes. However, if you want to take the middle ground, grey, or taupe are good options.

As you pick your fabric and accessories, keep in mind your overall aesthetic as you mix, match and play contrast with textures.

Every fabric has its merits and demerits. So, the answer lies in knowing and doing what’s best for you. Consult interior decorators in Chennai to get the best pick for you and your family.

Vastu for a home filled with positivity

Raksha Saravanan

We all want enhanced health, wealth and prosperity. And if our foundation is strong, everything else flows automatically. It’s only apparent that the key to a solid foundation starts with the home. Here are a few Vastu tips to trap the positive energy in our abodes!

Make your home pop with colour

Colours are by far the best translators of any emotion. And bright colours are reflectors of pure positivity. Painting your walls with vivid, radiant hues of sunshine yellow, lemon green and salsa red in a Harlequin mix pattern, or doing a decade of golden palm fronds on a sky blue background will automatically add to the aura of your house as well as your mind.

Source: Pinterest

A home that is alive with the sound of music

Yes, you read that right! Cue BGM of Julie Andrews running across the Swiss Alps singing the “The Sound of Music”. That one note sets the tone for the entire movie. That’s how important music is, in bringing in positive vibes. Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything (Plato). Studies say that adding bells and wind chimes to your home, or having spiritual music playing in the background, is the perfect way to capture positive energy. Why not give it a try?

Source: Pinterest

Nature ain’t your nemesis

Staying in close proximity to nature is the ideal way to immerse yourself in positivity. Having a garden with a thriving fauna is a sure shot way to a tranquil mind. Decorating your home with exotic indoor plants such as Algo Silver Leaf Bay, Split Leaf Philodendron or the Fiddleleaf Fig Tree will add the right amount of green balance into your modern abode. If you don’t have a garden, then cultivating succulents like Cactus, Hummel’s Sunset, Aloe Vera and String of Pearls. Place them inside small transparent glass jars, and that should do the trick!

Source: Pinterest

Get in touch with the best interior designers in Chennai to imbue the soothing essence of nature in your home.

Declutter done right

Clearing unnecessary clutter from your space will automatically set the tone of positivity. Studies show that the human mind gets worked up seeing too much clutter. Avoid a cluttered look when designing your rooms. Too many accessories or too much furniture can make any room feel small and cramped. Be it table tops, kids toys, hall drawers, garage paraphernalia and what not…just the mere sight of large empty spaces is said to instill positivity, not just within your home, but also within yourself too.

Position perfect

Widening the entry of your entrance and placing your furniture facing the open door will not only bring in positivity but also add to the aesthetic appeal of your interiors. Illuminating the hallway with decorative lights, be it lunar fairy lights or large gothic lanterns, will emit the absolute feng shui that your house needs. Adding centerpieces to tables and placing mirrors at vital points of gathering further symbolizes abundance.

Connect with interior designers in Chennai to explore these ideas, and turn your home into a Palace of Positivity! Curbing negativity has never been easier.

Decor ideas for a finer dining experience

Raksha Saravanan

Be it a comforting weekday dinner or a leisure brunch on a Sunday, the dining room is where the family gets together to connect and share. It is also where you play host, entertaining friends and family over dinner parties and impromptu gatherings. Whether you want an intimate hangout space for your inner circle, or a bold classy one that can wow guests, here are some doable design cues that can help you put your vision into action.

Speak out with statement lighting

Light fixtures are where you can have the most fun when it comes to home decor. They not only set the tone for the rest of your design but they are also the first things guests notice in any room. There is a spectrum of statement lightning fixtures in the market from pendants to chandeliers, spanning the modern and the classic.

This boldly modern statement chandelier goes well with the natural yet elegant urban feel of the space. You can go crazy whimsical and choose one that captures your personality, all quirks and twists included. Don’t forget to complement your centerpiece with accent lighting that highlights specific points such as murals or bar carts.

Accent walls and French windows

An accent wall is meant to jump out at its audience. It’s ideally right across the door, the first wall you see, as you walk into a room. This is where you go bold with metallic wall paints, or catchy murals and accessories. It is also the best spot to display your family photographs. Home interior designers in Chennai can help you create an eye catching accent wall for your dining room.

A refreshing alternative is to open up a French window on the wall face like this Scandinavian design which is organic, minimal, and rejuvenating to the mind and senses.

Accessorize artfully

From DIY mid-century bar carts, decoratively lit glass bottles, to painted pine cones, this is an arena for creativity and improvisation.

Mix and match accessories from diverse and eclectic styles. Go retro, or contemporary, or blend different time periods. But, make sure there is a unifying theme, colour, or pattern to all your design elements. Balance aesthetics with functionality.

Get picky with your tables and chairs

Choose a design that suits your vibe and purpose.

Are you looking for a cozy set up like this one? This is the millennial take on dining. The intimate design and earthen tones of the table and chairs, together with the abundant greens and natural lighting, make dining here a breezy private affair.

Or, would you rather go for an elaborate regal space? Plush and modern, you can host both formal dinners and informal meet ups in this luxury dining room.

Consult interior decorators in Chennai to build just the kind of space you desire and make your dream home a reality. Make it count. Make it memorable.

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