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Popular types of wood and where to use them

Raksha Saravanan

Wood is a much loved material that has a number of uses from paneling to parquet flooring. When sourced and processed responsibly, it is also an eco friendly option for home remodels or renovations.

From teak to satin, there are many types of wood available, each with its own strength and aesthetic appeal. Knowing which one suits your unique needs best is essential to creating a sustainable home. Here is a brief overview to give you an idea of the popular types of wood and where to use them.


Rosewood or sheesham is most suitable for living room and bedroom furniture as it can be used in different polishes and finishes. Found largely in Southern India, it can withstand varying temperature conditions, and is also termite resistant. Although it falls on the pricier side, it is a worthy investment because of its durability.  

Teak wood

Produced locally in Kerala, it is the most commonly used type of wood in home interiors. Sturdy, cost effective, and water-proof, it is well suited for flooring, outdoor furniture, and door frames, in addition to other furniture such as bed frames. Reach out to home interior designers in Chennai to learn how best you can use teak wood in your home interiors.

Oak wood

Oak can withstand heavy use. It is therefore a popular choice for flooring, and furniture that see a lot of everyday use. Oak planks treated with varnish are often used for parquet flooring. Available in a range of colours that fit any palette, it adds a hint of luxury, and a lot of warmth to your home interiors.

Get started now with the help of interior decorators in Chennai!

Satin wood

This fine grained wood gives a luxurious look to your home interiors. With the right polish, you can get just the finish you desire with satin wood. Although a bit high on maintenance, it’s classy and vintage aesthetic appeal makes it a popular choice for decorative furniture.

Get in touch with Interior Decorators in Chennai to use the rich satin wood in your home interiors.

Cedar wood

Cedar wood is a great choice for wardrobes and chests, and a suitable veneer for shoe racks, and other wooden accessories. This is because it has a sweet scent that deters bugs but pleases us humans. It is, therefore, a favourite material for building saunas. The natural oil found in the wood makes it resistant to decay from changes in temperature or humidity. Found in beautiful shades of red and white, it is also very easy to maintain.

When sourced and incorporated responsibly, wood can do wonders for your home interiors by making it more sustainable, durable, and warm. If you are overwhelmed by the options available to you on the market, consult Home Interior Designers in Chennai to make the most of this eco friendly material.

How to create a foyer when there isn’t one?

Raksha Saravanan

The first impression is the best impression they say. And when it comes to a home, it is the foyer which creates the first impression. It serves a creative and practical purpose. 

A cozy and welcoming foyer can set the vibe and tone for the rest of your home. This is where you drop your keys, or simply, catch a breath, before you go in. But, if your home doesn’t have a foyer, all you need is a little bit of creativity to fashion a makeshift one that is no less impressive. Consult Home Interior Designers in Chennai to get started.

Craft a sit down storage

If the wall adjoining the entrance door gives you enough room, you could use the space to set up a minimal and comfortable seating area. Consider it an added bonus if it packs a built-in storage or a shoe rack. While open cabinets let you show off your collection of footwear and add to the aesthetic appeal, closed ones give a cleaner look and feel. Top it off with a piece of wall art or a statement mirror for the finishing touch. Brainstorm with the best interior designers in Chennai to design a space that truly works for you.

Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall intrigues the visitor. Tell a compelling story with your family portraits, or showcase your art collectibles. Use bold colours and frames that exude vitality. Throw in a snug seater to create a friendly conversational space.

Opt for a console table

Take a hint from this DIY foyer. It has an elegant glass top wooden table that does a lot of things. With photo frames that tell a story, a burst of fresh flowers, and a place to drop one’s keys, it is both functional and artistic. Complete the set up with a wicker basket for footwear, or just use the space under the table to line up your shoes. The mirror catches the artwork, and the chandelier, give one a foretaste of what is to come!

Rearrange your sofa

Place the sofa with its back facing the front door. The sofa doubles as a divider to create the illusion of an entryway. With area rugs you can further demarcate the entrance from the living room.

Get in touch with home interior designers in Chennai to create a foyer if your home doesn’t have one already.

Use a room divider

If you don’t want visitors to have a direct view into your living room, choose a classy room divider. Make sure the divider complements the colour, style, and theme of your living room, but ensure you choose a size that doesn’t block the path into your home.

Alternately, you could place an open back shelf with plants, books, or other accessories.

A foyer is a poetic and liminal space where conversations begin with welcoming embraces, extend and linger, unmindful of goodbyes. Reach out to the Best Interior Designers in Chennai, if you would like some tips on fashioning a foyer in your home.

How to design your kitchen right

Raksha Saravanan

The Swiggy and Zomato bound millennials may disagree, but a home cannot really do without a well-functioning kitchen. It is a space where a lot goes on, and consequently, some details can be easily lost in the mix. Which is why it is important to make sure you don’t make some of the common kitchen design mistakes. Here’s a quick guidebook to help you course correct.

Mind the kitchen triangle

Bad workflow can have you scurrying around, from one end of the space to the other to reach for groceries, wash vegetables, or access storage for spices. Respecting the kitchen triangle – sink, refrigerator, and stove, eliminates this problem.



The sink should ideally be close to both the countertop, and the fridge. Pots and pans are best stored close to the sink or the dishwasher, while supplies belong by the countertop. 

Backsplash is a must

The backsplash is surprisingly overlooked in kitchen designs, with some only considering it for aesthetic appeal. Although it may drive up your initial costs, cooking stains and greases will most definitely call for a redo of the wall paint or wallpaper from time to time if you decide against a backsplash, cutting a hole in your pocket.  

Courtesy: Pinterest

From metal sheets and tiles, to granite and natural stone, there are a variety of gorgeous materials in the market to choose from. Get in touch with Interior Designers in Chennai to install a backsplash that is as artistic as it is functional.

Let there be light and air

Improper ventilation is the downfall of all kitchens. A well ventilated space has a suitable chimney, and at least two windows that facilitate circulation. This also allows for natural lighting.

When it comes to lighting, it is important to balance ambient lighting with task and accent lights to minimize accidents. While ambient and accent lights bring aesthetics and style, task lights are essential in areas such as islands and countertops.

Optimize storage

Courtesy: Pinterest

Wall spaces are valuable storage avenues, especially in a small kitchen. Maximize options by installing cabinets up to the ceiling. If closed cabinets make you feel claustrophobic, you could go for open shelving. But it is important to make sure they don’t get in the way of functionality. Minimum clearance rule should be adhered to as you might not want cupboards and drawers slamming into one another.

Plan and measure everything

Kitchen design requires a keen eye. For instance, you need to measure your appliances, chimney placement, and electrical sockets to design an accommodating and adequately spacious countertop. Otherwise, you are in for a lot of commotion not unlike Indian roads. Strategy is key.

So, is your kitchen clear off these common mistakes? Why not consult the Best Interior Designers in Chennai to get yours done prim and proper?

Paint or wallpaper…what’s better for your home?

Raksha Saravanan

Paint and wallpaper are the two most popular wall retreatments for Indian homes. A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform a gloomy space into a bright and vibrant one. A whimsical wall paper has the potential to add unique character to your room. Knowing which of the two works for you requires a careful consideration of factors such as aesthetics, wear and tear expected, customization, and cost. Here is a primer to help you decide what’s better for your home.


Image Source: Pinterest

From water and oil-based varieties to the much newer waterborne enamels, paint comes in different types. While water-based paint can be used on any surface and allows easy cleaning, the oil-based paint has an attractive gloss and is suitable for high moisture rooms. You can experiment and create textured walls with the broad range of finishes available. Matte, egg shell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss are commonly used finishes.

Image Source: Pinterest

There is no dearth of variety of wallpapers either. From vinyl, fiberglass, embossed, and non-woven types, to bamboo, textile, and liquid wallpapers made of cellulose and cotton fibre, you have options aplenty to choose from, depending on your needs.


Although a good quality paint job can last up to 5 years, paint is prone to chipping and flaking, which calls for a retouch or repaint every 5 years. Generally, waterproof paint is recommended for high moisture rooms such as kitchen and washroom.

Image Source: Pinterest

Wallpaper is a sturdier option. Although modern wallpapers have a much longer life, and can withstand wear-and-tear wreaked by pets and children, they are not the easiest to repair.


Image Source: Pinterest

Painting a room is much cheaper than papering. But, given the longer life span of wallpaper, it can be a cost effective option in the long run. On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to give your home a makeover every few years, you may prefer paint over wallpaper.

Image Source: Pinterest

Get in touch with the Best Interior Designers in Chennai for cost effective wall solutions for your home.


Wallpapers are not suitable for humid areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, as they are likely to peel off when exposed to humid conditions. But, if you insist on going in this direction, there are a few hacks to make wallpapers work in any space. Install tiles for backsplashes, and wallpapers in the area above, where it is less likely to get wet.

Paint, on the other hand, is well suited for almost all areas of the home. The only drawback is that heat affects the life of wall paint.


There is a whole new category of paintable wallpapers which bridge both worlds. These paintable wallpapers add texture to the wall, and leave it to the buyer to make creative improvisations. You can leave it bare or paint as you wish.

Image Source: Pinterest

If you are mulling over the paint vs. wallpaper question, and need an expert tip or two, reach out to Interior Designers in Chennai to help you make the right decision.

Image Source: Pinterest

6 Wardrobe ideas for small rooms

Raksha Saravanan

If you are worried that your small bedroom does not have enough space to accommodate your wardrobe, a few smart design hacks may just do the trick for you. Space no longer has to limit functionality, or aesthetics even.

The wall behind the bed

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Capitalize on the wall behind the bed by installing built-in wardrobes to save space. The set up can incorporate nightstands and cabinets to maximize storage. You can even use up the entire wall, up to the ceiling. Further, matching the colours of the floor and ceiling creates fluidity, giving an illusion of space.

Sliding doors

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

With sliding doors, you don’t have to account for the space that wardrobe doors take up. It may seem small, but small things add up to make a big difference when it comes to using a space optimally.

Pull out closets

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Pull out closets are modular solutions to the wardrobe conundrum. Trendy, and with an element of surprise, they take up very little space, while maximizing storage. To get trendy pull out closets for your room, get in touch with Home Interior Designers in Chennai.

Room dividers

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Your wardrobe can double as a room divider, creating two functional spaces out of one. If you want to install such a double-duty wardrobe, go all out and include open cabinets for books, art pieces, and other accessories. You could also use wicker baskets to corral different items. Alternately, you could choose a closed modular wardrobe with a clean finish.

Mirror doors

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A reflective surface creates an illusion of space, making the room look larger than it is. Having mirrors on wardrobe doors not only eliminates the need for a separate dressing mirror, it also makes your room look uber cool.

Light shades

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Lighter colours blend in with the surroundings, unlike darker colours which crowd the space. They also brighten up the room, and making it look spacious.

Reach out to the Best Interior Designers in Chennai, if you want to implement one of these design hacks in your space.

Is engineered wood the right solution for you?

Raksha Saravanan

If you’ve ever gone furniture shopping, then you’ve probably heard of ‘engineered wood’. The term simply refers to a man-made product engineered to look like wood. It is often referred to as mass timber or composite wood, and manufactured by binding strands of wood, with adhesives, to form a composite material.

Trends for a Pinterest worthy home

Raksha Saravanan

In a survey conducted by The Real Estate Conversation, 76% respondents considered the style of their home to be an important factor in determining their happiness. If you are someone who is style-conscious, looking to make a statement with your home, this guidebook is for you.

6 Timeless Colour Schemes for your Kitchen

Raksha Saravanan

The kitchen is a place of energy. You use it day in and day out. However, it is much more than a room of utility or function. It reflects your taste, culture, and unique personality like the rest of your home, if not more. Choosing the right colour scheme can give your kitchen an instant facelift and set the mood to inspire cooking.

Things you didn’t know an interior designer can do for you

Raksha Saravanan

Interior design is not just about design.

It is not just about picking the right colours for the cushions, but about creating an aesthetic that is personal, and informed by your story.


A well designed home is one that works for you, your hobbies, tastes, and idiosyncrasies.

For instance, if you have culinary inclinations or even just enjoy hosting parties, your ideal home would be incomplete without a well-equipped kitchen. It could have an island kitchen that lets you cook, while interacting with guests.


On the other hand, if you are a bibliophile, bookcases and a reading nook are going to be important aspects of your dream home. Good home design caters to your specific needs and lifestyle. So, if you are looking for expert advice, reach out to the Best Interior Designers in Chennai.

Home Consulting

There is a misconception that interior designers tend to strip a home of individual character and deliver a product that lacks uniqueness. On the contrary, an interior designer is a consultant who delves into your personal story, to unearth what a home means to you.

And that’s why interior design is more organically integrated with architecture…not merely a cosmetic finishing touch. Interior designers solve problems especially  when they are involved right from the beginning. They account for all your technical requirements from electricity and plumbing, to ergonomics, so that you don’t have to take things apart and remodel or extend your space, before you move in.

Lastly, but most importantly, good interior designers will involve you in every decision and stage of the design process, thereby incorporating all your budget and design considerations.

Systems Design


From little details such as choice of fabric, to baby proofing, and safety and wellness systems, interior designers allow for personalization across a broad range of elements. Whether you want to get your home ready for your newborn, or make sure your home is safe for your ageing parents, good design can help you build a home that truly works for you. There are plenty of options such as pouffes, textured flooring, shower benches, grip bars, and chromotherapy that an interior designer would be able to help you with, based on your requirements. 

To have such personalized experiences designed for you, get in touch with Interior Designers in Chennai.


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