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Our Team   

At Vibrant Interiors, our home interior designers in Chennai work together as an integrated team, from concept to completion. This high degree of interaction between our design and execution team ensures that every little detail gets the attention it deserves.

Our Team comprises of craftsmen and artisans from around the country. You will find the best of the best from Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Bihar, and Maharashtra, working together under one roof, at Vibrant Interiors.

About Us

Vibrant helps in delivering high quality, diverse and extraordinary interiors with the help of our interior decorators in Chennai. Do get in touch with us for making your interior special and emboss with beauty.

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved” – George MacDonald

Design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.

Established in the year 2010, we are pioneers in producing interactive and high-quality interiors for the residential, industrial and corporate sectors. Our company is certified with CRISIL and ISO 9001-2008 standards. We have been certified by the Indian Green Building Council for producing eco-friendly interiors. With more than 500+ projects and still counting, we also offer complete interior solutions to wardrobes, cots, crockery units, and modular kitchens. We have designed many modular kitchen in Chennai and we are proud that we satisfied all our clients. Our clients include major industrialists, doctors, senior lawyers, and chartered accountants.


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Go Green

Vibrant is a proud member of IGBC – Indian Green Building Council. Team Vibrant believes that following green concepts & techniques in the building and interior sector can help national issues like water efficiency, energy efficiency & conserving natural resources. Most importantly, these concepts can enhance occupant health, happiness & well being. Team Vibrant has always tried to maximize the use of eco-friendly materials in its projects and will always strive for creating a sustainable built environment for all.

Tangible Benefits

  • Energy Savings: 20 – 30%
  • Water Savings  : 30 – 50%

Intangible Benefits

  • Enhanced air quality
  • Excellent daylighting
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recycling-symbol-icon-twotone-light-green     Environmentally Sustainable Interior Design

It is constantly essential to consider those who are living in a home. It isn’t only the good looks of that house that matters but also the well-being of the homeowners and the guests too. Besides looking into the safety of a home, the health of the people living in it also matters the most.

Team Vibrant trusts that home interior isn’t simply in style but also incorporates the correct use and selection of things and materials to be utilized that would not be destructive to one’s wellbeing. At the point when the health of the homeowner is being thought about, one is really going for an eco-friendly interior.

A few steps to achieve an eco-friendly home

  • Let Sunlight in
  • Use energy efficient lighting
  • Use Organic and natural materials
  • Place plants for decoration
  • Use low VOC (Volatile Organic compound) products
  • Eco-friendly wall coverings
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Furniture from natural woods
  • Wool stuffed natural materials

An eco-friendly home can also be achieved by reusing materials as much as possible. By doing this the impact on the environment will be very low.

Reclaimed Wood: Old wood can be refinished & cut to make new wood flooring, kitchen cabinets, and cladding.

Eco Home

Vibrant uses sustainable and eco-friendly products for the following.

Glass: We have started using a lot of glass (Profile glass shutters) for our kitchens. Glass is one of the materials that can be infinitely recycled without losing purity and strength. It is also a poor conductor of heat and an ideal choice for kitchen work surfaces.

Walls & Ceilings: Water-based paints, recycled glass & ceramic tiles, earth-based natural clay paste, wall covers made from plant fibers

Flooring: Reclaimed wood, Natural stone, flooring done from renewable materials like cork, rubber, and bamboo.

Window Treatment: Bamboos, fabric, blinds Natural grass like flax and composites made with 100% renewable materials.

Green & Sustainable Fabrics:

  • Plant Fibres: Organic linen, cotton, bamboo, soy fiber, bark cloth
  • Animal Fibres: Wool, silk, cashmere

Work Process

Here Is How We Can Help

Vibrant Interiors possess unique work process that satisfies every client. You can find a variety of decor for every room and numerous styles are available to choose from.  You can just get started by writing up an email or call us to request a design consultation.

Meet us at our office and tell us all about your home, your style and budget. Portfolios of our previous works are accessible all the time on our website. Browse it, feel it and like it.

Our home interior designers in Chennai will provide you with multiple design concepts that can be created exclusively. We are a team of experts and we provide recommendations based on your place and provide various options to choose from, like a different theme, color, space plan and a price quote.

Unique design for every place. We have many advanced features, which will let you request changes in real time and selecting the right color to finish. We will not close it until you are fully satisfied.


Our manufacturing unit will suffice all your chosen furniture, decor and modular components. Each and every step is carefully taken to ensure the beauty and blossom of the place.

We have a professional team and they involve in proper planning before a project kick starts. We supervise and execute everything from civil work to wall treatment.

After every project completes, we will take a snapshot of the work done appreciate our co-workers who were tirelessly working for the same. We have a crew who will take care of everything!

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Phone Number: 95431 95431, 044-43531492
Email: hello@vibranthomes.co.in