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6 Wardrobe ideas for small rooms

If you are worried that your small bedroom does not have enough space to accommodate your wardrobe, a few smart design hacks may just do the trick for you. Space no longer has to limit functionality, or aesthetics even.

The wall behind the bed


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Capitalize on the wall behind the bed by installing built-in wardrobes to save space. The set up can incorporate nightstands and cabinets to maximize storage. You can even use up the entire wall, up to the ceiling. Further, matching the colours of the floor and ceiling creates fluidity, giving an illusion of space.

Sliding doors


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With sliding doors, you don’t have to account for the space that wardrobe doors take up. It may seem small, but small things add up to make a big difference when it comes to using a space optimally.

Pull out closets


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Pull out closets are modular solutions to the wardrobe conundrum. Trendy, and with an element of surprise, they take up very little space, while maximizing storage. To get trendy pull out closets for your room, get in touch with Home Interior Designers in Chennai.

Room dividers


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Your wardrobe can double as a room divider, creating two functional spaces out of one. If you want to install such a double-duty wardrobe, go all out and include open cabinets for books, art pieces, and other accessories. You could also use wicker baskets to corral different items. Alternately, you could choose a closed modular wardrobe with a clean finish.

Mirror doors


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A reflective surface creates an illusion of space, making the room look larger than it is. Having mirrors on wardrobe doors not only eliminates the need for a separate dressing mirror, it also makes your room look uber cool.

Light shades


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Lighter colours blend in with the surroundings, unlike darker colours which crowd the space. They also brighten up the room, and making it look spacious.

Reach out to the Best Interior Designers in Chennai, if you want to implement one of these design hacks in your space.


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