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6 Timeless Colour Schemes for your Kitchen

The kitchen is a place of energy. You use it day in and day out. However, it is much more than a room of utility or function. It reflects your taste, culture, and unique personality like the rest of your home, if not more. Choosing the right colour scheme can give your kitchen an instant facelift and set the mood to inspire cooking.

Here are some stellar examples you could take a leaf from and adapt into your home. 

Country Orange and Teal

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Country style is often perceived as simple and unsophisticated. The truth is quite the contrary. With a dash of contrast, statement lighting, and the right accessories, you can have a kitchen space that is warm, tasteful, and charming. This rustic country kitchen has a natural earthy tone but a burst of teal adds an element of surprise.

Coastal Blue and White

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A coastal blue colour scheme involves artfully layered blue, whites, and off whites. Play it down to the detail by introducing the palette to the accessories and décor items. The pendant lights, flower vase, fruit bowl, chestnut tabletop, and windows all play their designated role in the stage design of this coastal themed kitchen.

Yellow Yellow

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Here is a delicious way to introduce yellow into your kitchen without making your eyes ache. Cool grey elegantly balances off the warm yellow. Tints of copper, wood, and wicker stitch the colours together, introducing a whole new dimension to this beautiful kitchen.

Get in touch with the best interior designers in Chennai to implement one of these warm colour schemes in your home.

White Christmas

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White never goes out of style. It creates an aesthetic that is both opulent and minimalistic. If you are worried about stains, you could install a backsplash made of textured white tiles. Laid with gold pipes and grab bars that add a touch of regal luxury, this kitchen is the epitome of class.

Paint it Red

Image Source: Pinterest

Nothing makes a statement like red. Cool shades of blue temper the boldness of red in this modern kitchen. The lighter shades make the area feel more spacious, while the complementary nature of the colours balance off each other to create a pleasant and lively kitchen.

Multi Colour 


Image Source: Pinterest

The vibrant party of VIBGYOR colours in this kitchen is gracefully presided over by the white walls, carefully placed lighting, subdued grey handles and grab bars, and the clean geometric lines of the cabinets. This is a creative way to introduce a burst of colour without making the space look flashy.

If you are looking to transform and uplift the ambience of your kitchen without shelling out big bucks, creating a unique colour scheme with backsplashes, paints, and custom accessories is the way to go about it. Reach out to interior designers in Chennai for a kitchen makeover.


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