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We hope that you will find inspiration here!

Our experts provide you the help and personally guide you for an interesting interior to cherish for a lifetime.

A home reflects a person’s lifestyle and we create your signature homes, your dream home, and a home you will be proud to own and cherish for a life time.

We are confident that you will soon have a home that is a true reflection of your lifestyle and an extension of your personality.

We are Chennai’s best interior designers, providing quality interiors.

From the conceptual phase to the delivery phase we strive to provide the highest quality of services. It is our privilege to provide a service with no physical boundaries.

When you wish to be different, why hesitate in having a design that is explicit for you?


Why Vibrant Interiors?

  • Efficient planning committee and timely delivery.
  • Various collections of laminates (more than 10000).
  • Quality and standard materials used for furnishing.
  • Professional and systematic execution
  • Five years service warranty
  • Different varieties of high grade genuine wood like Birch ply, Marine ply, BWR and commercial plywood’s.
  • From the conceptual phase to the delivery phase we strive to provide the highest quality of services.
  • Factory finish and 100% calibrated wood.
  • No entry from Termites

Vision & Mission

To serve our clients with personalized interiors made of the best furnishing and minute detailing to create perfection.


Our Values

Our success is greatly centered on a strong foundation of underlying core value and beliefs, well appreciated and well received by our clients.


Enterprising bold and effectual approaches are utilized, creating an enchanting experience; thus yielding high caliber and alluring results.


Brainstorming ideas via collaborative discussions make our services and products unique as it harnesses the best ideas from everyone involved.


The workspace designed should be practical with an air of finesse and authenticity. This is the type of product we provide to all our customers.


The key to long term prosperity is hiring the right people and providing them with opportunities to excel and bring out the best in each and every one of them.


We believe in the age old saying of “Honesty being the best policy”. We follow transparency in all the issues faced and prompt delivery of products with no delays or excuses.


We put a smile on the faces of our customers and employees alike. After all, life is short and it is the journey that matters. So why not make it enjoyable with exciting and challenging work.


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